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Total Onslaught (36 DVD set)

Total Onslaught by Walter Veith

This series is an in-depth study of end-time events. Starting with a look a Jesus Christ - who He is and what was His real mission, Walter Veith takes us on a journey to see the war over this Man that has been waged across millennia. Walter Veith traces the effects of this war by unveiling behind-the-scenes information about current and historical events. Secret societies are exposed, along with their role in end-time events, the UN's secret occult agenda, the real truth behind the french revolution and world wars, the reality of the antichrist in today's world events, the Kennedy assassination, 911, Islam, and much much more are all covered.

The ideas explored are current, relevant, and applicable to the dangers and deceptions raging today on planet Earth. This is must-have series that will boggle your mind.

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Total Onslaught Mini Series (10 DVD set)

Total Onslaught Mini Series by Walter VeithIn this mini Series, Dr. Walter Veith presents the TOTAL ONSLAUGHT and Genesis Conflict series condensed. (10 DVDs)

This powerful evidence of Creation and current events will alert you to the unmistakable end-time signs. An impassioned student of Biblical truths, Dr. Veith brings you an encouraging message regarding the climax of human history.

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The Genesis Conflict (8 DVD Set)

The Genesis Conflict by Walter VeithProfessor Walter Veith takes you through the principles of evolution to expose what scientists are not telling you. With a doctorate in zoology, Professor Veith proves creationism scientifically.

Walter Veith has taught university students for many years and once again presents this relevant information in an easy to understand multimedia presentation.

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Rekindling the Reformation (11 DVD set)

Rekindling the Reformation by Walter VeithRekindling the Reformation is an 11-part series of inspiring and relevant multimedia presentations on the pivotal issues of the Reformation and how they relate to present day. Professor Walter Veith clarifies the disputes that led to the horrific and bloody persecutions of the Dark Ages and demonstrates the urgency of understanding the same principles that are still under attack today.

Millions of Christians died for their beliefs, such as the identity of the Antichrist and salvation by grace alone. Their sacrifice succeeded in subduing an empire and making freedom of religion and thought possible. But, their success was short-lived.

Through the centuries since the Reformation, we have lost the beliefs the reformers stood for. We have allowed God’s truth to be mixed with error. Today, we reap the repercussions of our lethargic neglect. The Roman Empire’s wound is healed, and politicians and heads of state follow papal Rome without reluctance.

Professor Veith presents clear insight into the underlying objectives of today’s political, economic, and religious maneuverings. He explains why we may have to fight the battle of the Reformation all over again.

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Life at its Best (5 DVD set)

Life at its BestIn an age in which the world is flooded with nutritional misinformation, Dr Veith gives scientifically backed answers to some of the questions which plaque people seeking a healthier lifestyle. A 5-part series that takes an in-depth look at the impact of our food choices, the role of food additives, the dairy and meat industry as well as how to implement a viable healthy lifestyle.

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